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Originally made on November 10, 2019 and uploaded to Gamejolt This was my first Gdevelop game. You are a lonely sapphire up in the clouds, all is the same until a cannon bursts through a cloud and starts firing rocks at you! now you have to dodge these magical rocks plummeting towards you. Check out the official soundtrack for this game at: https://soundcloud.com/user-413200712/sets/sapphiric-rock-dodgers-ost-collection

Install instructions

Double-Click on the application, then when it says "Windows Protected Your PC" (I don't know why it does this I think it is because it doesn't trust gdevelop made games or something) click on "Read More" and then the button "Run Anyway" appears, click on "Run Anyway"


Sapphiric Rock Dodgers.exe 50 MB

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