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On earth in a alternate universe where fungi rule the world, some fungi grow so tall and big evolving photosynthesis there caps bock most of the sun for other organisms (think of roof forests but more intense) and because of lack of sunlight many organisms had to adapt and evolve, most of them blind and evolution patterns similar to ones seen the bathyal zone of the oceans depths, you are a organism that lives on a large island continent roofed off almost entirely by the largest fungi that are blocking the sun so they can photosynthesize, and you are trying to survive using your high intelligence to crafting useful items, and maybe one day you will be able get rid of one of the giant fungi in an area that is blocking most of that area's sun on that island continent and see the sun for the first time...

Install instructions

Double-Click on the application, then when it says "Windows Protected Your PC" (I don't know why it does this I think it is because it doesn't trust gdevelop made games or something) click on "Read More" and then the button "Run Anyway" appears, click on "Run Anyway"


Deathless Dark.exe 50 MB
Deathless Dark.zip 64 MB

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